Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of scientists, strategists, and designers, who are all dedicated to harnessing science to create important tools that advance people’s wellbeing. Our number one goal is to inform and empower people with the greatest stake in positive healthcare outcomes: the patient.


Linh Le

Founder, CEo

Linh oversees business development, grant funding, and product. His background in scientific research of graphene production methods led to multiple patents, published papers, conference proceedings, and related awards.


Gabe Ruttner

Head of Digital Product

Gabe designs and implements software and technology. He currently is leading Bonbouton’s digital product efforts to ensure the software solves user needs, scales as we grow, and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. He can also fly planes.


Merin Sabu

Regulatory Intern

Merin’s focus is on developing a regulatory strategy for Bonbouton to ensure compliance with current industry standards. As a regulatory intern, she enjoys collaborating with different teams and educating them on the regulatory process. She holds a B.E. in Biomedical Engineering and is currently pursuing a Master's in Translational Medicine.


Fatima Awan

Vice President, R&d

Fatima directs the development and optimization of graphene sensors, scientific research, and all other R&D initiatives.  She holds a MASc in Chemical Engineering and BSc from the University of Waterloo, in Canada.


Laura Saracho

Head of Product Marketing

Laura works closely with product and design to ensure the tools we create reaches people who need it most. She also supports with branding, messaging, and communications. She lives and works remotely from Colorado and trains for ultras in her spare time.

Yilin He.jpg

Yilin He

R&D Intern

Yilin is currently working on the fabrication of graphene sensors and other related researches. As an R&D intern, each day in Bonbouton is a valuable and wonderful journey of learning and improving. She also loves learning languages.


Andy Madison

Design Strategist

Andy runs Bonbouton’s strategic innovation practice. By conducting research and making sense of the current landscape, he helps  Bonbouton meet the demands of a complex and fast-changing marketplace. He is an expert skier.


Viraj Gite

Technical Intern

Viraj works as a software engineer, designing and developing devices that assure reliable care for our users. He is a CS graduate from Stevens and in his spare time he loves watching movies and learning more about business and entrepreneurship.


Steve Kaufman

VP, Product Development

Drawing on his experience as a robotics engineer and entrepreneur, Steve is overseeing product development and the commercialization of our technologies. He holds degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. He is also an avid sailor.


Olivia Schreiber

VP, communication

Olivia is Bonbouton’s eyes on an uncertain and complex landscape. She engages with our stakeholders by venturing into communities and delivers critical user input needed to refine our solutions. She is a baking enthusiast.


Gian Bächtold

Product Designer

Gian is currently designing and developing the physical insole as well as the app. As an industrial designer and strategist, his work is a bridge between engineering development and creative in order to stay in line with our vision, strategy and objectives.


Our Values

Loyalty Towards Human Life

Everything we do is rooted in respect for those we create products and technologies for, with the goal of helping people live longer, happier, and better. Their bodies, privacy, and dignity are at the core of why we exist: To enable a better relationship between human beings and their bodies.

Respect For Science

We are a company of curiosity, born in the lab. Our products are derived from complex scientific advancements, analyzed in clinical labs, and tested on patients. Our deep appreciation for material science and data are our secret weapons as we take on problems and develop technologies that allow people to live better lives.

Active Inclusion

Our products are developed for people who lead complex lives; we can’t assume we understand the inner workings of their realities. Thus, the voice of the user is a pivotal tool for our product development. As for our team, people from historically disadvantaged and underrepresented identity groups are promised a respectful working environment where their talents and best interests are properly valued.

Good Sense

We are a self-selecting and mission-focused team who is here because we believe in a shared vision. We dream big and remain realistic; all ideas are considered, and what follows is a practical plan for execution. We chase a bold vision, tempered with sound judgment, as the well-being of humans living with health challenges remains the constant and urgent focus of our actions.

Collaborate Ethos

We are a highly collaborative, cross-disciplinary team. We achieve alignment through consensus building and candid discussion, working towards a certainty that what we are doing is functional, rational and useful. We are aware that we can only accomplish these aims by fully incorporating the passions and talents of every member of our team. Work at Bonbouton is demanding and extraordinarily rewarding.

Endless Learning

Bonbouton is a team of scientists, designers, and strategists that is on an endless pursuit of knowledge. We recognize there is much more for each of us to discover, which is why we push ourselves to work on the edge of our comfort zones. We trek to conferences around the world, learn from experts, and leverage each other to teach us what we have yet to figure out ourselves.