Research and Development Engineer Internship

about us:

Bonbouton is a start-up medical device company that produces a smart insole to detect diabetic foot ulcers before they happen. Bonbouton’s smart insole contains proprietary embedded graphene sensors that monitor patient's feet health. The insole helps to prevent foot ulcers and reduce the frequency of physician visits. Patients wearing the insole have the ability to allow access to the associated digital application so that their insurance company, physician or other relevant individuals may monitor their daily activity.


What you’ll do :

For Bonbouton’s R&D Engineer internship, duties will incorporate areas of literature review, design and optimization, and experimentation of potential graphene functionalities on flexible substrates. Ideally, we would like to hire a graduate student currently pursuing a degree in nanotechnology, materials science or chemical engineering.

Duties will depend both upon company needs and student interests. A candidate should have an interest in start-ups, entrepreneurship, and learning skills for the business world. Most importantly the candidate should show excitement and be passionately geared towards learning and showing tangible outcomes


Sample projects for an intern could include:

  • Design and implement pre-product launch testing

  • Conduct research and literature review to engineer graphene functionalities to be integrated as a nano-sensor

  • Assist in design and optimization of graphene related sensor development

  • Run experimental tests and assist with monitoring of ongoing progress of R&D projects as required

  • Mathematically analyze data and propose methods for miniaturizing sensor prototype


Beneficial Skills:

  • Sensor design and fabrication

  • Polymer Science; Materials Characterization

  • Mathematical modelling and analysis in Excel

  • Experience with Origin/MATLAB, Arduino


Must have eligibility to work in the U.S.

Start date: Immediately