Our Technology

Our smart insole is the first of its kind — utilizing the Nobel Prize-winning graphene material as a sensor technology.

Bonbouton Stands Out Thanks to Rigorous Science. 

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Bonbouton founder, Dr. Linh Le, PhD, is a chemical engineer who developed a method to seamlessly embed graphene sensors into objects, like our insole. Graphene is a powerful material that can detect changes in temperature within 0.25 degree Celsius. It can also detect changes in pressure, another indicator of inflammation that could lead to debilitating foot ulcers and amputation.

We patented the graphene technology and manufactured our smart insole, which continuously and unobtrusively monitors temperature changes in patients’ feet and detects early signals of foot ulcers.  

Our long-term vision is to continue developing additional wearables. For example, our EMG sensors are designed to also measure muscular contractions for athletes; this will help monitor performance, overall fitness, and be of use in physical therapy.

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Our smart insole detects changes in heat and pressure, which automatically is sent to the app —
so you can stay ahead of your foot ulcer.

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More About Our Technology

We have 5 U.S. patents issued with 2 more pending

Patents mean we’re pushing science forward — our team is committed to doing the hard work so that our users can reap the benefits.

We have published 6 peer-reviewed scientific research papers in leading journals 

We constantly iterate and study our product so it can be the most helpful for you or a loved one.

Our customized inkjet graphene printing is what sets us apart

Our patented method of printing graphene on flexible hybrid electronics has a wide scope of applications for medical and healthcare needs.