We see you.

We know that living with or caring for someone with diabetes can be lonely and challenging, and that you could use support. If you aren’t sure how to ask for help, or what to even ask for, don’t worry. We see you, and we are here.

The experience of diabetes touches almost everybody in the United States. If you are not among the 30 million Americans managing the condition, you are almost certainly close with somebody who is. That’s why we created Bonbouton — as a way to accurately and easily alleviate one stressful side-effect of managing the condition.

Diabetes adds a number of burdens and anxieties to daily life. All the pressures of work and family stay unchanged, but the importance and urgency of taking care of yourself grows. Plus, there are moments when asking somebody for help is just plain hard. Balancing everything becomes critical, and while family, friends, and medical professionals can be great sources of support, they do not live with the condition.

That’s why we’re here. Bonbouton takes the guesswork out of your foot health, especially if you’re living with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. It fits comfortably into any type of shoe and constantly monitors the pressure and temperature of your feet. The app will notify you if anything is looking and feeling abnormal so you can see your doctor. Read how our smart insole works here.

Bonbouton’s smart insole is a gentle reminder, connector, and smart support that can do the asking for you when it’s time to get medical attention.