Working at Bonbouton

The challenge of creating a brighter future for patients with diabetic neuropathy is exciting and demanding. We are looking for talented, motivated people to join in the effort. Our work culture is mission-focused, with a high emphasis on autonomy and experimentation (we are scientists, after all). As we develop a product to go to market.

Open Positions

Are you right for any of these? Do you know somebody who is? Have a look through and reach out. 

Research and Development engineer internship

For Bonbouton’s R&D Engineer internship, duties will incorporate areas of literature review, design and optimization, and experimentation of potential graphene functionalities on flexible substrates. Ideally, we would like to hire a graduate student currently pursuing a degree in nanotechnology, materials science or chemical engineering.

Engineering Track Internship

For Bonbouton’s Engineering Track internship, duties will incorporate areas of hardware, firmware and full stack engineering.

Business Track Internship

For Bonbouton’s Business Track internship, duties will incorporate areas of entrepreneurship, marketing and regulatory affairs.