The State of Medical Science Today

Medical science keeps making our lives better and better. There was a time when the main focus was on finding cures for diseases, and we have made an amazing amount of progress in this regard. We are still struggling with some of the hardest to cure diseases, but otherwise, medical science has made unbelievable progress in the past fifty years.

Back then, the focus was on curing as many diseases as possible, but slowly this focus is changing. The scientists and doctors of today aren’t just trying to find out how to cure diseases, they are focusing on preventing the disease from becoming a problem in itself.

It is understood that aside from a few exceptional diseases, most diseases can be dealt with and cured if detected at an early enough rate. The problem often isn’t the disease itself though, but the irreversible damage which it causes. A good example would be diabetes. Undetected diabetes is horrible – it can lead to the patient requiring amputation, and can even lead to death. On the other hand, if detected on time, the disease can be managed with medication.

Thus, while there are many scientists and doctors working to find cures for some of the worst diseases in the world, many others purely focus on prevention. Focusing on prevention will allow us to ensure that diseases can be detected at a stage where they can be dealt with quickly, painlessly, and cheaply.

Health Monitoring Devices

There are many wearable devices nowadays which can monitor your pulse, temperature, and much more. They let you know if they detect anything irregular in your body.

One distinction that needs to be made here is between medical monitoring devices and fitness devices. Fitness devices are not accurate enough to be considered medically helpful – they give you useful information, but they don’t give you dependable information. Proper medical monitoring devices that can be worn are still on the horizon, though we may see exciting products entering the market as early as 2018.

Privacy issues

Another problem with these fitness devices is that they may be revealing data about you, as well as your location. Medical devices are made to be compliant with HIPAA and thus will use proper encryption tools to ensure that this does not happen. Fitness devices though, are not classified as medical devices, and do not require the same level of data protection.

The Future is Wearable Tech

We are in the beginning of the wearable tech era. Most of the technology that will make wearable tech a reality is still under development. Looking back at the initial few years of home computing; those computers looked revolutionary, but two decades later, we have computers 100 times as powerful as them in our pockets. We can expect the same level of development in wearable technology.

It is already apparent that medical monitoring will be an important part of wearable tech, and that we will be creating a healthier society. Symptoms which often go unreported – such as an irregularly beating heart, too high a temperature, or unexplained pain – will be detected by wearable tech. We will be told to visit a doctor when needed, which will result in early diagnosis, which will in turn lead to a healthier society.

Linh Le