The Importance Of Foot Care For Diabetes Patients

Many of our loved ones have diabetes – the disease is so prevalent that it is almost impossible for someone to now not know anyone with diabetes. We know the steps they take to keep it in control. This includes taking medication, staying away from foods that contain excess sugar, and making lifestyle changes. However, one area of care that is often overlooked is foot care. Yes, if you or any of your loved ones have diabetes, you need to ensure that special care is taken of your/their feet.

Why? The main reason is Peripheral Arterial Disease. This disease causes a slight loss of feeling in the feet, which then results in infections going unnoticed. This is very troubling, because it can result in the need for amputations. Thousands of people lose their feet every year because of simple infections that weren’t detected due to diabetes.

The first thing that needs to be done is to create a routine of checking your feet every day. Sit in front of a mirror and make sure you see the bottoms of your feet as well – you cannot rely on feeling alone, as the sensations may be muted due to diabetes. The best solution is to have someone else check your feet for you.  

You also need to visit the doctor at the first sign of trouble. Sadly, there is no device right now which can allow you to monitor your foot health at home – but there soon might be, if the wearable tech startup Bonbouton has anything to say about it. They are developing a product that will be able to monitor foot health in diabetic patients and alert them if there is a problem. Until such products enter the market, you need to manually check yourself and stay vigilant.

Linh Le