Diabetes related amputations up to 20 per day in the UK

People with diabetes are at a risk of developing infections which can result in the need for an amputation. The problem has been increasing worldwide—because the number of people with diabetes is also rising worldwide. Diabetes UK—a research charity formed to combat diabetes in the UK – went through public health records of England and have found an alarming rise in the number of amputations being done due to diabetes. The number has now risen to 20 per day, and will rise further unless a solution is found.

The reason that the problem is so hard to tackle is that it needs constant vigilance. Diabetes can cause Peripheral Arterial Disease, which can result in the foot becoming slightly numb. This means that wounds and cuts may not be noticed. Diabetes also slows the body’s repair system down – people with diabetes heal slower than people without. Thus, the wounds and cuts in people with diabetes tend to stay open longer and can go unnoticed for a long period of time.

The only solution so far is to be vigilant. People with diabetes need to check their feet regularly, and also get them checked by other people. Doctors should be visited the minute something worrying is detected. If the wound of infection is caught early it can easily be treated with some disinfectant and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Some companies are opting to innovate a solution to the problem. The most promising solution on the horizon is a wearable tech based device being developed by Bonbouton. The device is housed in a button, and is made using graphene. It will allow diabetic people to monitor their foot health 24/7. Since this problem is becoming more and more worrisome with time, we can expect other companies to announce similar solutions soon.  

Linh Le