Defeating Diabetes, Step By Step

Diabetes affects a surprisingly large share of the world’s population – it may be as high as 10% of all adults – and there is no cure for it. Diabetes can be managed with medication, lifestyle changes, and regular exercise, but there is no cure on the horizon that can make the disease go away permanently. While research is being done to find the cure, it may end up taking decades, which is why scientists are approaching the problem of diabetes in other ways.

The invention of blood testing strips and glucometers which allow people to test themselves at home have made a huge impact. The problem with diabetes is that its symptoms are very weak in the beginning. By the time the symptoms become noticeable, the disease has already progressed too far. Thanks to these glucometers though, people can easily check their blood sugar levels and keep it maintained.

Imagine having to go to the doctor every day just to make sure your blood sugar levels are okay – we went from that to being able to use a machine at home that takes seconds to tell us all we need to know. That’s progress.

Another approach is to manage its symptoms. Diabetes causes a lot of harm to the body, and while we may not be able to stop diabetes, we can stop some of the damage. Companies are coming up with products that help make life easier for diabetics.

One of the most interesting solutions is from  a wearable tech company called Bonbouton which is developing a foot cover that will monitor the foot health of diabetic patients 24/7. Diabetes is one of the leading reasons people need amputations, which makes the wearable tech a very important product. Companies in the food industry are also taking notice – more sugar free products are now available than ever before, and public pressure is slowly making people demand healthier alternatives to their snacking options.

Linh Le