5 Steps For Diabetic Foot Care

Amputations are one of the most severe consequences of diabetes, and the worst part is that the need for one can creep up on you. Since diabetes can also cause Peripheral Arterial Disease, which reduces the ability to sense pain or touch in one’s limbs. Additionally, it increases the options of foot problems going unnoticed. If you are worried about your foot health and want to prevent such complications, here are the five steps you need to take.

1 – Control Your Blood Sugar

This is obvious, but you need to be very vigilant about it. Diabetes has become very common nowadays. This has normalized it for some people, which is very dangerous. People don’t take it seriously – we all have that one relative or friend who we see eating sweets and joking about it even though they have diabetes. Take it seriously and test yourself often.

2 – Be careful about the type of shoes you wear

Under normal conditions when a shoe is harming your foot, it is simply considered uncomfortable and you don’t wear it. However, when you have diabetes, it is possible that the shoe may be harming your foot without you feeling any discomfort. Therefore, always buy shoes that are cushioned on the inside. Make sure the shoes aren’t too tight and have soft soles.

3 – Stop smoking

If you are a smoker, you know it is bad for you. Aside from the other hundreds of problems smoking creates, it also increases the chances of foot disease if you have diabetes. Quit it before you end up losing something you can’t replace.

4 – Get Your Feet Checked

Go for monthly checkups to the doctor, and check yourself daily. Yes, it isn’t easy going to the doctor every month, but the risk is too high to avoid it. Another problem is that you may often feel no problem in your feet even though it is there. If you can get your partner or a family member or a friend to check your feet regularly, do it. Otherwise sit with a mirror in front of you so you can see all parts of your foot instead of going on feeling alone.

5 - Be cautious when cutting nails

A lot of infections which end up resulting in amputations occur when the patient cuts themselves a bit while cutting nails. Since they have diabetes and their feet may be losing their feeling slightly, they never notice it. Since diabetes also results in wounds taking longer to heal, this creates the perfect storm of problems. We would recommend just having someone else cut them.

More solutions coming up in the future

This is a huge problem, which is why many inventors are working on a better solution. One interesting solution is being developed by a wearable tech company called Bonbouton – they are working on a product you can wear on your feet to have it monitored 24/7. The product is in the testing phases and is being prepared for release in the year 2018.  

Ailun Sai