About Us

Bonbouton is a medical technology company that has developed a smart insole that detects foot ulcers, a common cause of diabetes-related amputations. It’s comfortable to wear, simple to use, and can help prevent the approximately 200 amputations that occur in the United States daily, which costs our healthcare system $15B every year.

Our current focus is the smart insole and companion app, our first remote-monitoring, preventative health tool to empower healthier lives. Our long-term vision is to use our patented sensing technology in an array of other products that promote better well-being.


Our Mission: To advance human well-being by making useful tools that harness body signals

Our Vision: To sense the invisible and enable every human to live a healthier life

“Why Bonbouton?”

Great question! Bonbouton comes from the French translation of "good button," which, to us, represents a centralized data collection platform that connects to all textile-based sensors and acts as a line of defense for preventive healthcare. We strive to provide preventive health solutions that promote healthier lives while leveraging wearable graphene sensors and connected software. All in all, Bonbouton wants to be the good button that patients trust to monitor their health and livelihood.

Meet the Team 

Our team is home to creative and thoughtful workers who are passionate about developing preventative health solutions to advance human-well being. We also care deeply about moving the needle on medical technology, remote monitoring, and sensing solutions.


Linh Le

Founder, CEo

Linh oversees business development, grant funding, and product. His background in scientific research of graphene production methods led to multiple patents, published papers, conference proceedings, and related awards.


Yiqian Jin

Research Scientist

Yiqian works on modifying our graphene sensors and improving the manufacturing process. He is also developing new sensors based on the conductive graphene composites. Yiqian holds a doctoral degree in materials science and engineering.


Andy Madison

head of product

Andy runs Bonbouton’s strategic innovation practice. By conducting research and making sense of the current landscape, he helps  Bonbouton meet the demands of a complex and fast-changing marketplace. He is an expert skier.


George Kenefati

HMI Engineering Intern

George works on the development of quality assurance protocol, hardware testing design, and optimization of the hardware-software integration. He is a fourth-year Biomedical Engineering student at The City College of New York and plans to pursue a Master's in Translational Medicine. George is also a pencil artist and an aspiring entrepreneur.




Laura works closely with product and design to ensure the tools we create reach the right people. She also leads branding and communications. Laura lives in Colorado and trains for trail ultras in her spare time.




Olivia is Bonbouton’s eyes on an uncertain and complex landscape. She engages with our stakeholders by venturing into communities and delivers critical user input needed to refine our solutions. Then, she writes about it. She is a baking enthusiast.


Steve Kaufman

VP, Product Development

Drawing on his experience as a robotics engineer and entrepreneur, Steve oversees product development and commercialization. He holds degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. Steve is also an avid sailor.


Charlie vu

director of operations

Charlie leads Bonbouton’s project management, business operations, and business development. He has an excellent tracking record of successfully implementing new product development projects in various fields, from IT to consumer markets, while ensuring resource availability and allocation. He graduated from the MBA program at the John Molson School of Business-University of Concordia in Canada. He is a world traveler.

Meet Our Advisors

Karin Headshot_BW (1).jpg

Karin Hehenberger


Todd Obrien BW.gif

TODD O’Brien

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

画像 048.jpg

Mikuni Kimura

Former Managing Director, Future Venture Capital Co

Glen Coleman (1).jpg

Glen Coleman

Former Founder, Current Advisor CrossRoads Extremity Systems


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