Meet Our Smart Insole

We have developed a smart insole that detects foot ulcers, a common cause of diabetes-related amputations. It’s comfortable to wear, simple to use, and hidden from plain sight.

Paired with a mobile app, users will continuously know the status of their foot health, and if something looks off, can connect to a doctor or caregiver immediately to pursue proper treatment.

Why It Matters

The experience of diabetes touches almost everybody in the United States. Currently, 30 million Americans manage the condition. If you or a loved one is living with diabetes, know that’s why we created Bonbouton: to alleviate one challenging part of managing diabetes.


1 in 10 People With Diabetes Will Develop a Foot Ulcer

Most ulcers form due to a lack of preventative interventions. Those with Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy often don’t notice an ulcer until it’s too late. The result? 200 people a day undergo a diabetes-related amputation from an ulcer.


Our Insole Can Detect Ulcers Before They Form

Our technology uses patented graphene technology which senses changes in temperature and pressure in the foot, the first sign of inflammation and that an ulcer might be developing.


Continuous Monitoring Will Keep You Safe — And At Ease

When wearing the insole, your foot health will be monitored 24/7. In our app, you and your care network will be notified if there’s a small change in your foot health, along with the best course of action to take.

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