Bonbouton's Smart Insole

Bonbouton provides comprehensive preventive health solutions leveraging wearable graphene sensors and connected software. 


Our first product is a smart insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system that passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals to detect early signs of foot ulcers in diabetic patients.

The smart insoles sync with our mobile app to continuously monitor foot temperature to provide an early view of developing foot ulcers to enable earlier preventive treatment that can significantly reduce the cost of care and facilitate better patient outcomes.

Graphene Sensing

Bonbouton's graphene sensors can be integrated into everyday applications, including disease management, athletic performance and everday use. 



Electrocardiograms measure the heart's electrical activity and help develop a more complete picture of a person's risk profile. 



Tracking foot pressure can enable people to take action before high risk wounds develop.



Our EMG sensors measure muscular contractions to screen athletes for overall fitness and provide feedback for physical therapy and general performance. 



Temperature has a high correlation with the development of foot ulcers. Our graphene sensors can alert a patient before the onset of a problem.